A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Five years have passed since the infamous G4 Cyborg Incident plagued Myers Corporation. With the corporation now being bankrupted, the once busy G4 district is slowly decaying. You awake inside a mysterious mansion with only a Myers employee card in your pocket. Who are you? How did you end up here? And what does Myers Corporation have to do with any of it?

Investigate Myers Corporation and dig up dark truths that were probably better left forgotten. Solve puzzles, explore, and survive as you learn about the dark secrets held inside the decommissioned facility. Will you be clever enough to make sense out of your situation, or will you disappear just like the rest?

Available Languages:

English (US), Chinese (Simplified)

Game Features:

  • Point and click adventure game portions
  • Puzzle solvings
  • Dialogue decisions 
  • Good-looking characters


This is just a demo and is only a very small portion of the game to come. If you like this demo, consider recommending this game to other people. That would mean a lot to me!


This game contains jumpscares and general unpleasant imagery, anyone who is weak of heart or gets anxious easily should proceed with caution.

Follow the developer:

  • Twitter: dino999z
  • Instagram: dino999z
  • Tumblr: dino999z


Vincent_demo_english-2.0.1-win.zip 85 MB
Vincent_demo_english-2.0.1-mac.zip 83 MB
Vincent_demo_中文-2.0.1-win.zip 84 MB
Vincent_demo_中文-2.0.1-mac.zip 83 MB


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This is a truly masterpiece. The artwork is extremely delicate and the plot is interesting, I cannot wait to buy the full version of the game and get married with Vincent. I love the style of the entire game and the way it controls. TAKE MY MONEY DDDIIINNNOOO!


Haha thank you so much!!

So honored to be replied by the developer of the game, your majesty.


i really loved this this just amazing keep going the good work ! i am really exited to play the final game 'cause i was so attached to the charterers and i think that dino is cute !

Thank you so much!!! I am so glad that you enjoyed it and thanks again for giving it a try!!!


no need to thank me ! its making me embarrassed, i just like to try some new games and your visual novel was the best visual novel that i played in my life !


An awesome game, really cool feel to it and LOVE the visual aesthetics. This game was really awesome to play and got me with the jumpscares a couple of times. Can't wait to see what the finished game is like/next update. Will be really fun to stream the next part of this game!

Thank you so so so much for giving it a try!!! I am so glad that you enjoyed it!!!


Wowie! Really cool visual novel! Looking forwards for the next update!

Thank you!!!


As an avid Visual Novel games fan I must say this one was one of the better ones, the visuals look beautiful in the game with the surrounding and  the characters looking unique and appealing.

The music, sound and ambiance are good, it has horror jumpscares and sarcasm.

It took me about 1 hour to finish the demo, the story is interesting that left me wanting more.

Some of the choices felt random and it came down to trail and error I hoped to get different paths with different choices in the game as it became quiet linear to reach the ending.

The characters are cool but the most interesting one (for me) was Victor Blake.

I recommend this game if your into visual novels i think it's super fun.

If you're still undecided you can check my gameplay of the Demo here

Omg thank you so so so much for giving it a try!!! I watched the whole video and I really appreciate your feedback. For the full game, I will try to make the choices more reasonable and inlcude multiple endings depending on the player's choices. Thank you again for your support and I really apprciate the gameplay!!!

Can't wait for the full game!!! ✌️

Fabled youre very entertaining, good work


Extremely well polished and high quality. Can't wait to see what's next!


Thank you!!!


Very Good!
Impressive everything!


Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you like it!!!


This looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see more :).


Thank you!!!