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Five years have passed since the infamous G4 Cyborg Incident plagued Myers Corporation. With the corporation now being bankrupted, the once busy G4 district is slowly decaying. You awake inside a mysterious mansion with only a Myers employee card in your pocket. Who are you? How did you end up here? And what does Myers Corporation have to do with any of it?

Investigate Myers Corporation and dig up dark truths that were probably better left forgotten. Solve puzzles, explore, and survive as you learn about the dark secrets held inside the decommissioned facility. Will you be clever enough to make sense out of your situation, or will you disappear just like the rest?

Available Languages:

English (US), Chinese (Simplified)

Game Features:

  • Point and click adventure game portions
  • Puzzle solvings
  • Dialogue decisions 
  • Good-looking characters


This is just the Pre-Alpha version and is only a small portion of the game to come. If you like this game, consider recommending it to other people. That would mean a lot to me!


This game contains jumpscares and general unpleasant imagery, anyone who is weak of heart or gets anxious easily should proceed with caution.

Follow the developer:

  • Twitter: dino999z
  • Instagram: dino999z
  • Tumblr: dino999z


Vincent_Pre_Alpha_English-1.0.1-pc.zip 158 MB
Vincent_Pre_Alpha_English-1.0.1-mac.zip 142 MB
Vincent_Pre_Alpha_中文-1.0.1-pc.zip 158 MB
Vincent_Pre_Alpha_中文-1.0.1-mac.zip 142 MB

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Hi dino99z,

My name is daetaman.
I am a korean youtube creator making gaming contents.

Currently working on the summarised videos of your games. (story explained type of videos) I've worked on Albert Kruger previously. and i wanted to work on vincent as lots of my subcribers requested me to.

Currently I am working on Vincent.

Just out of curiosity how is the progress so far with the Korean version on Vincent?


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<Korean Translation Offer for Vincent& Morfosi/ Translation Error check for Krueger>

Hi dino999z,

my name is Bridget, and I am a huge fan of all three of your games.

I have contacted to ask if I can add Korean translation to Vincent and Morfosi, and fix some Korean translation errors that were made in Krueger.

To make sure that I am fluent in English<->Korean translation, I am a certified translator from the Korean Ministry Affairs with first-degree Eng-Kor translate certificate. 

Please feel free to contact me through via email: [deleted] or ig: [deleted]

I would be honored to help your Korean translation work as a huge fan.

-Jeongyeon Bridget Choi

P.S. I would like to apologize for leaving just one comment for several of your games on Vincent, I did you send a DM via ig but it seemed that you do not read those. 

Hi Bridget - 

Thanks a lot for reaching out to me! The truth is, someone else has already reached out to me to translate Vincent into Korean, and I'm no longer looking for new translators for the other two games at this moment, since I already have a handful of localizations to integrate. However, I will keep your kind offer in mind and will for sure let you know if things change! Thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much for letting me know! (Hope I can help you in your future games though hehe) I'll look forward to meet the Korean translation of your two games:D 

I would like to imform you that there are a few translation errors&typo in Krueger though. One of the translation errors is critical--a lot of people misunderstand preferred pronoun since we usually don't respect other's preferred gender in Korea--and some other little typo's don't really mess up with the game I guess.

Thank you again for your reply, and making these awesome three games! Korean fans always send you love and support:)

P.S. I'll delete my ig and email adress from the comment above!

Hi Bridget -

Thank you so much for letting me know! I was not aware of that. You're absolutely right - that is indeed critical. If such is the case, would you be interested in fixing the translation errors in Therapy w/ Dr. Albert Krueger?

Thanks a lot!


(1 edit)

Yes ofcourse! I am so honored to take a part in it, thank you so much! I'll do my best to make sure there are no more mistakes nor misunderstandings:)

Perfect! Thank you so much. Would you mind posting your email again so we can talk more over there?


Okay, so I don't really play video games. But I must say I absolutely LOVE this one ! It is really well paced, the character designs are awesome, graphics in general are awesome and the background musics are really good. I think you are doing a great job ! I wish you the best.


i loved draco so much and he just appeared for like 5 minutes. it's unlikely, but i really hope you manage to make him appear again :'( *silently cries in the corner* 

and the ANIMATION when introduced a character! omfg, it's everything i ever wanted. and i want a l o t of things.

this is so amazing, the art is amazing, the way your name is literally like an error code to not show it is amazing and hilarious, i almost died when mc asked "sorry, what what's your name again" "oh, it was d9ahqgkn*sd" i went laughing like a damn rat, amazing.

i have my speculations about what the girl really purpose is, since it looks like myers planned something for her, but my mind just goes straight to foreshadow at it's max. damn.

i could had only written "it's amazing, i love it.", y'know, simply and sweet. but i could talk about this for ages, AND IT'S ONLY THE PRE-ALPHA! not even the ALPHA, not even the entire game. and it already is SO amazing. that's it, you're my favourite developer, kisses X

Can't wait for more updates :')! ♥♥


Thanks to Manly playing Therapy With Dr. Albert Krueger, I found you and fell in love with your games! I could say all the praise again here, but I already said it to you once, and have nothing new to say at the moment - I'm still writing down the wonder this world of yours brings to me.
But this game is gorgeous! I'm not a horror game type of person, I'm personally too much of a scaredy cat to play them much; but this game and Albert Krueger I have been pushing myself through because of the design and story! It's what keeps me invested and going! Though I knew when jumpscares were coming, I'd still flinch. This is the sort of game that creates a nostalgia, but it's nostalgia for something you haven't ever experienced.
I check in on this page every few days to see if anything has been changed, and when you made minor changes to the music, I felt so happy about it and just ended up smiling a whole lot! Once I figure out how to update itch.io games, I'll definitely be able to keep up!
This game has a world and story that I crave for and want to be able to create myself, and thank you so so much for answering my questions before! I've kept them in mind while I work, and have began to draw ears like you as well (before, I wasn't drawing any once I found them too hard).
The characters are attractive, the mystery is... think of the story like an Easter egg hunt or trail of breadcrumbs, the most delicious crumbs ever. The tiniest taste of the story makes you want more, so you have to keep going!
Even after saying this before, I admire you're writing abilities and how you got me attached to a certain character fast, and then changed the mood entirely.
Sorry for yet another rant to you, but I look forward to the next update! Keep up the fantastic work, Dino999z! Don't work yourself too hard!


Therapy With Dr Albert Krueger already made me a fan, but after playing this you are definitely one of my favourite developers ever. I love how much personality there is in this game, both in the writing and in the art-style, and the combination of point and click gameplay with visual novel story-telling is really engaging. I had so much fun playing and I cannot wait to experience what happens next :D 

When is the Korean translation available?


I-I it's just so pretty

like my god the characters and art-

This???????Why do they look so friggin CLASSY AHHHHHHHH

Do you by any chance have the OST listed somewhere? I like the sound track and would love to listen to the songs individually.

Hi. As opposed to Therapy w/ Dr. Albert Krueger, the music in this game is a combination of self-composed music & online resources (free & paid). Therefore I don't have the right to re-distribute them.


I can't solve the first puzzle in chapter 2. How can I tell if I already put in the correct password or not? Is it automatically work or is there somewhere I need to press first?

(1 edit)

It unlocks automatically when you put in the correct answer. Here's the walkthrough if you need it:



God I love this game it's so much fun and all the characters are enjoyable and unique, I can't wait for the full game to be released!


Excuuuuuuuse me??? I am shook??? especially that one moment in the update I— *is shooketh* This is beautiful???? I will throw money at you if I could, I'm srsly in luv with the artstyle and story like ughhh. 

Also I noticed that there's a lil something that reminds me of Death Mark and it's successor Spirit Hunter NG? There's like a similarity to the way it shows the player that the choice was right or wrong. I'm curious if you got inspiration from those two games, which also really feckin awesome btw. And the way the characters are introduced reminded me of the Danganronpa series.

cannot wait to play the whole thing, but of course take your time! I'm so giddy to play the next chap or maybe I'll wait till it's finish and then I'll play it cuz I die if I'm left in the dark lmfao. I'm so sorry for rambling it's been a while since I played a really good visual novel like this!!! tldr the art you made overall is just fantastic!!!


Hi - Yes, good catch! This game is inspired from Death Mark (I also mentioned that in the about screen). It is my favorite VN, and the game that got me into VN devs. This game wouldn't have existed without it. Thank you so much for giving my game a try, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I bet the Death Mark devs would be thrilled that you see their game as an inspiration! I have to agree as well that DM and SHNG were both phenomenal and I'm very happy that it was both created as otherwise we would have never given the honor to experience your art! Keep up the good work! And don't forget to take it easy now and then! ✊👍👍


i love this so much the characters, the atmosphere ,the style everything! its just so entraining i cant wait to see more! omggg


Hi! I've really enjoyed playing this game and I can't believe there is only one creator! I can only imagine how much time and effort it must have taken. Not only is the game beautiful and very well made, but it also tells a captivating story. I can't wait to discover what happens next. You're really talented, keep it up!


When I first was scrolling through Itch.io's games, I saw a cool game called Therapy With Dr. Albert Krueger. I played it amazed with the skills put into it. And just finishing chapters 1 and 2 for this made me sooo eager for more. I will be rushing to this webpage when Chapter 3 comes out and I loooooove this game. This also inspired me to even make my own visual novels. All in all you get 6 out of 5 stars. :)


ooh a prequal


i just stayed up all night playing this game and i'm SO IN LOVE i wish i could play more!! found this after finding you on twitter promoting therapy with dr albert krueger and OMG!!! i can't tell you enough how GREAT and exciting they are!! the art, storytelling, dialogue, suspense!! thank you so much for this! sending you love and good vibes xx <3


Ahhh I loved this so much! I'm so excited to see where this story goes! Great characters, engaging gameplay, and a really interesting story!


I played your game in my recent youtube video.


Hello ^^ I've really enjoyed your cartoony style :3 its so rare to see a novel/game whit so good quality in it :D ( story, chara designs,puzzles... everything is so nice and its just the beginning :o )  Keep up your good work !! Can't wait to play more ! 


Oh man, I was really invested the whole time. This was really fun to play, and I can't wait for more of it to come out! I first got interested after playing Therapy With Dr. Albert Krueger, and I'm so glad I discovered you. This was absolutely spectacular, keep up the brilliant work!


I loved every second of this game. I enjoyed the plot and the characters too, especially Draco and Dino. You're crazy talented to be working on this independently!! I look forward to the rest of the game!!! :DD


Finally reach the end of the Pre-Alpha version, I was so excited to see more of the mysteries and uncovers it. But it turns out we have to wait later. 

For this part what I really love are the questions. Not only you have to remember every details (red marked word) you can for the questions, you also have to be able to logically piece every part of the information in order to answer the questions which doesn't have straight obvious answer.

As promised by Dino, there's a lot of hot dudes waiting in this visual novel (and murderous horrifying cyborgs). I really love it and would recommend people to check it out.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hooo, the horror and mystery are starting to get deeper, I like it, and really loves the puzzle, it's very entertaining to solve. 

Also didn't expect there'll be the real Dino itself in the game! Thought it was just a reference to the developer.

And apparently there's a commercial song, because as soon as I upload the video there's a copyright claim. It's on the part where John first met Vincent and Victor (who's John you ask? It's a secret). The song is called Dinner Date by Peter Godfrey. Currently removing the song with the beta feature YouTube have, if it doesn't work I just have to cut that part, hufft.

Hi Terrorose,

Thanks again for giving the game a try and I'm sorry to hear the copyright issue. I purchased the song from storyblocks.com and they say I'm allowed to use it in commercial or non-commercial projects. I will talk to them and see if they could resolve this.

Hum interesting, I think it's no problem. You did purchase the rights to use it, but I didn't. So that's probably why, no problem.


Holy mackerel! I enjoyed this game much more than I expected I would. I loved the concept of a point and click adventure, visual novel, and mystery. The story is really quite captivating, I really do look forward to see the next chapter. 


Okay so I was confused. First I thought I'm Dr. Albert, turns out no. Then I thought the pink person was Dr. Albert friend and that Vincent is Dr. Albert, but I'm not sure so I check my old video of Dr. Albert Krueger therapy and find out I was wrong. So this is the story that tells about his friend, not Dr. Albert himself, interesting. Also I really love this visual novel, it's so good.


i'm really enjoying this game!! it's so beautifully made and i love the storyline so far. :D


This game is absolutely wondeful : the design, the music just woaw ! Can't wait to play the full version :)


your game is amasing! you really are talented l can't wait to play the full version!


I am in LOVE with the game, I love everything, the art style is beautiful, the sounds and the music too. The characters have a lot of charisma, the plot is super interesting.

I'm impatient for chapter 3.

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I cannot wait for the next update. I found this after playing Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger and was so excited that there was more to this universe. Just finished chapter 2 and am so excited for the next one. High stakes, fun characters, fascinating story, just awesome.


this is SO GOOD i cant wait for chapter 3. i love all of the characters so much ;__; draco <3 vincent <3 your art is amazing and the music is so so good (especially chapter 2) thank you so much for making this :’3 please continue!!!! 

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AHHHHH I LOVE THIS!!!!! cant wait for the next chapter, the characters, story plot, art style is everything. i luv ur games sm! >.<
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this game is awesome i really like the artstyle and it's funny how i got attached to draco even though i just met him for a few minutes, keep up the good work lods

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the game is wonderful! I really enjoy it so far, I'm interested in all the characters and the am already invested in the story. Not to mention the art style! I also think Therapy w dr. Albert and this are in a connected universe? Dr. Albert mentioned he went to college in G4 possibly in the same one Vincent and Viktor went too?? AGH! So cool!!! I can't wait to see more.


BRUH... I have only known Draco for like 20 minutes but MY GOSH WHY DID YOU MAKE HIM SO LOVABLE. And you put in that he had a past with the player :0. AHHHHH, HE BETTER BE OKAY IN THE END!!! But I really love the game and I hope you continue to update it more. :)


Yes! I was so sad when I had to leave him! Draco is now my favorite and I am in love with him lol. This story line was amazing and wonderfully thought out! As well as the art! Absolutely in love with the game! I love how the plot and how they wrote the dialogue. 

Hi! I'm doing a Let's Play of this, and I may or may not be stuck on where to find the code.


Hey there! Which code are you referring to? If it's the code outside Myers, it's 79215252 (you have to match the numbers painted on the wall to "murderer"). But if you're referring to the code inside the employee passageway, it's 0430 (inferred from the group chat & the calendar; the party takes place on a Thursday after the former employee left for vacation).

(2 edits)

I'm not 100% Sure how to get to the calendar, so I might be missing something? Actually, scratch that, I'm probably missing a lot-

in case it weren't obvious, I'm not that great at games lmao

Also on a side note:
I love your art style! It's incredible!


Thanks a lot and I really appreciate it! The calendar is from Chapter 2, so there's a good chance that you haven't gotten there yet.

Ah, yeah, I didn't.
Is there any way to circumvent that or progress the story?

I am, uh, not the brightest bulb in the box


Since point&click is a core mechanic of the game, no you can't circumvent it. You're supposed to learn about what happened in the past through these puzzles. Circumventing it will only ruin the plot.


Just finished the second chapter!! 

The story is getting more and more interesting!! I'm really curious as to how it will unfold! The art is amazing and I really like the characters. Draco was only introduced here, but I already love him ♥ (and I hope he's okay ;_;). I think him and Vincent are my favorites, so far. 

Something that I also really like about this game is that the main character isn't merely an spectator; from the dialogue she has with Draco and the message to Monsieur M in chapter 1, it seems she's actually quite important to the story. 

And I don't know why but for some reason I really like the effects used in this game! Like the way the screen suddenly has static or "robot failure" or when we see the computer-like messages. It all adds to the atmosphere and makes you immerse in the story's universe even more!!

I'll be looking forward to more updates!! ♥


Thank you SO MUCH for playing chapter 2 and giving me this long review, Sweet Gangster!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I'm happy that you like Draco as a character! It means a lot to me!


i just finished playing chapter 2 and the game is amazing! from the art to the characters and story this game was so fun to play and cant wait for more!

Thank you so much for playing Chapter 2 and I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!

i just started playing and i love it but the code for the second door is so confusing💔

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, the code is 0430! Hope this helps and thanks a lot for giving the game a try!

youre a lifesaver thank youu

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