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The downloadable file contains 200+ important in-game scenes and CGs from Vincent: The Secret of Myers with some extra art. All art included in the pack are drawn originally by dino999z.  

Please note that this is designed for players who enjoy the CGs from VTSOM and is NOT an asset pack release; you are not allowed to redistribute or resell the pack, or use my art in your own games or your own commercial projects. For more information regarding my IP policy, please see here. Examples of some of the images included in the pack are displayed on the right.

Note: A few images in Chapter 1 utilizes overlay of texture from びたちー素材館. There is also a couple of images that are partially based on design concepts from contributors of previous prototypes. All art included in the pack are created by dino999z.

Included Art List (202 total):

  • Chapter 1 scenes & CGs (54 images)
  • Chapter 2 scenes & CGs (20 images)
  • Chapter 3 scenes & CGs (37 images)
  • Chapter 4 scenes & CGs (64 images)
  • Other (27 images) 

The "other" includes all celebration and marketing art, along with a few extra VTSOM drawings not from the game itself. Although the marketing art from TWDAK is included, this pack focuses only on VTSOM. The pack also includes art that is never released elsewhere before.


This art pack contains horror images and spoilers. It is advisable that you finish Chapters 1-4 of Vincent: The Secret of Myers before downloading.

Is the downloadable Art Pack on the Vincent: The Secret of Myers game page the same as the one listed here?

Yes. You may also notice that it is listed a "higher" price on the VTSOM game page. This is because due to the way itch.io is designed, I can only offer both OST and Art Pack as a bundle on that page. If you decide to purchase on the game page and pay the higher price listed, you obtain access to both OST and Art Pack, and therefore the actual cost is the same.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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