A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Has work been feeling more tiring than usual? 

Your mood, confusing and uneasy? 

Losing the confidence to speak up when you want to? 

Then it sounds like you need our newly patented 



The genius of Dr. Krueger shines again with his newest revolutionary breakthrough therapeutic sessions. Allow Krueger’s new treatment to tackle the toughest cases of mental disorder (peer-review pending) and fears in our ever changing day to day world. The genius lies not only within Krueger's stunning techniques as a therapist, but also with what he calls “Dream Therapy”, combining breakthrough neuron technology with his closely held therapy principals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your therapy today!

Every new subscribed member gets their very own Krueger Medical Card!


Some positive reviews we're recieved from our past patients:


"Before I felt like I had nothing in life I really cared for, Dr. Krueger’s Dream Therapy completely changed my outlook! Thanks so much Krueger Corp!"


"All my life I had felt like I wasn’t really special, but thanks to Dr. Krueger’s Dream Therapy I now feel like a completely different person! I finally landed my dream job!!! Thanks so much Dr. Krueger!"


"My wife and I had been fighting for 20 years and nothing seemed like it was going to work… But three sessions later and we’ve already celebrated our 20th anniversary again!!"


"This man is an absolute psychopath. Anyone with a bit of common sense can see through his lies."


As required by G2 law we must inform that this therapy may contain aspects that certain patients may find uncomfortable:

  • Jumpscares
  • Loud noises
  • Disturbing images
  • Implied violence
  • Cartoon gore


Follow the developer on other platforms:

  • Twitter: dino999z
  • Instagram: dino999z
  • Tumblr: dino999z


Other contributors:

  • Harmless (music)
  • Michael Brazeau (ad narration)



Available Languages: English/中文/español/한국어

Wondering how to achieve all 3 endings? Click here for walkthroughs.


Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger-1.1.0-pc.zip 85 MB
Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger-1.1.0-mac.zip 69 MB
Game Jam Build-pc.zip 83 MB
Game Jam Build-mac.zip 67 MB

Development log


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I like your games! Thanks for making them..!

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Played this recently because the aesthetic looked interesting, and the execution truly followed through!

Definitely worth a playthrough for those curious. 


What game engine do you use?


I just finished the 3/3 ending of this game and I enjoyed it pretty well, but now my foot fell asleep and it hurts pretty bad. Thank you for making this game! I liked seeing Dr. Krueger's art.


i wanna download this game, but i don't know what download button to press- (can somebody help me)


the first one in this case


I loved this game! Graphics and story are very entertaining. I've made all endings with curiosity and I felt really nice after last one. I surely recommend to play this!

When I try to download and run this game, something strange pops up and I can't play at all. This symptom remains even after repeated deletion and reinstallation. (I'm sorry, my English is not good.)


Is this a world with free and universal healthcare? Cute good ending, but not sure how I feel about Albert from the bad endings


SO VERY NICE AAAAA i love ur style<3 i just played this for the first time n got the bad end,im rly looking forward to the other endings!:p i believe the game is gonna b even more amazing after them^_^


hi from russia!! this game is SO AMAZIN G i LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS i hope that more people will learn about this game

annndd ur style is so cool 

(sorry for my english) 


Literally.... just..... amazing? Like, I fell in love with the characters in a way most short games usually don't make me. I actually took a liking to the personalities of Albert and Taylor. This was very well done, if I do say so myself.


A very very good session with Dr. Krueger. I'm looking forward to escape see him again! 

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Hello,I am a user that interested to playing this game. While the file done downloading,the file is missing. I am using windows 10. I am confused and download the file back. But,the file missing again. 

(apologies for bad english.)


This is interesting! The cup and ball minigame was really hard, though.


The doctor is fucking fascinating!


Excuse me we're from Badnana Production,can i talk to you privately? maybe using an email, because i would like to make this game into a short movie. It would be nice to have your consent first. Thank you :)


Hi - Feel free to email me at dino999z2020@gmail.com .


i love this game so much oh my god its. become so important to me. thank you.


Ayo! I super enjoyed this game!! I love the art and Krueger! The game was super interesting, and it was a joy to play.

Hello, I'm a user who really likes this game. While downloading and playing the game, in the first math problem, the game stops and when i click the enter or the mouse, the game is turned off. The same symptom is repeated after deletion and reinstallation.

Hi - I would need you to elaborate on what you mean by "turned off." If you mean that the game still runs but you cannot choose any of the math cards, then you need to run the game as an administrator. If you mean the game force quits, then I would need you to tell me what the traceback file says.

The symptoms are the same even if you run it as an administrator. I don't know what a trace back file is. I'm not an expert. In the beginning, when Krueger ask if you like math and show the number card, the game stops and breaks. Posts the end of the text in the log file because i don't know what the trace back file is.

Root FBO is: 0
FBO Maximum Texture Size: 2048
Total time until interface ready: 2.35899996758s
- Target is 5 frames in 0.333333333333 seconds.
- Frame drawn at 0.000000 seconds.
- Frame drawn at 0.017667 seconds.
- Frame drawn at 0.109667 seconds.
- Frame drawn at 0.206666 seconds.
- Fra

This is how it ends.

(1 edit)

I'm not entirely sure what's going on. Did you try what zhaoruby97 suggested? Changing the Renpy graphic acceleration option?


Have you solved this problem? When I solve the first math problem, the program lags and if I click or press enter, the screen goes totally white, and window pops up which says the program isn't responding.

I ran the game with an administrator option.


Changing the Renpy graphic acceleration option fixed my issue. (Forcing DirectX, tested on Windows/Intel Graphics).

You can check the renpy documentation: https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/problems.html.

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Hi, I'm the one who wants to play games.
Problems arise when I play this game. It starts to slow down from the math problems. Then the program doesn't work.
And 'traceback' file appears on the desktop. It says::

I'm sorry, but an unexpected extension occured
When loading <'Image' ' 'images/empty.png'::
Exception: Could not load image 'images/empty.png': error('Out of memory',)

But my computer has 30 gigabytes left. I don't think this is insufficient capacity. Please let me know how I can solve this problem.😢

Hi - It sounds to me that you might be confusing storage with memory. They are not the same thing.


This was such an amazing game, every ending was enjoyable and interesting and there's a lot of replay value. I'm very excited to see future work, this was honestly one of the best games I've played in a while


This was a thouroughly enjoyable experience. The art style, the tone, the casual fourth wall breaking and the surrealness; all of it went together super well. This is exactly the kind of game I wish I could make.


Nice and short experiment. The aesthetics were pretty nice and you managed to pull off a very weird atmosphere and some nice jumpscares with very little. In that department, I see this a success.

On the other hand, getting through the three endings got a bit repetitive (a little bit more of deviation would have been nice) and I specifically opened OBS to record the screen during the last cups and ball game so I wouldn't have to reset the game (I guess I succesfully pulled off the rebellious good ending irl, lol). However it is a small game after all, so it's not a big deal. 👍

I see this is somehow related to Vincent: The Secret of Myers? Haven't played that one yet, but I wish you luck in its development! 💪

does this work on IOS?

Becuase the files aren’t working and I’m using an iPad 

I really want to play the game it looks amazing

Hi - No unfortunately it does not work on iPad.


very good game


great game

hi i really really want to play this game but whenever i get done extracting everything and click "run" a window pops up saying "loadlibrary failed with error:126: the specified module could not be found". i dont know what this means >.< but I'm guessing it means something is wrong with my computer? i download and play these types of games allll the time, on and off itch. if you can please tell me what to do or i'll die.

By "these types of games," are you referring to other games made with Ren'Py? Itch has so many games made with different engines by different developers. Try running as an administrator or downloading the Game Jam version. Let me know if it helps.


the skeleton video had no right to be that deeply disturbing.


Truly a masterpiece, keep up the good work!


Huh. So this is how masterpieces are made? By completely infamous people. Which is sad, since the author of this game must be famous. I just adore it so much. How long has it been since i saw a game that can actually scare me and make me feel touched at the same time? The first two endings were awesomely horrifying. And the last was just so ever adorable. English language does not provide words that can express how much feelings this game makes me emanate. If only i had money, i would, without second thought, donate a very good portion.


facts just facts 

author deserve so much love uvu

I cant open your game ;-; 

What can I do??

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Hi. I would need you to be more specific than that. Are you on Windows or macOS? What do you mean you can't open it? Please give as many details as possible.

(1 edit)

Hi! I cant download your games on my Chromebook. Is there another way that I can download them? I unfortunately do not have Mac or Windows.

Hi! Unfortunately I don't think my game works on Chromebooks. My apologies!

Aw ok


I enjoyed this game very much, though it seems there was a missed opportunity with the music settings. I don't know if he reacts to you having the music off when he tries to turn it up, but Taylor does react to the guitar while the music is off.


I enjoyed the game so much. Thank you for letting me experience Dr. Kruger’s wonderful therapy! :)

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nooo dont kill me dr.krueger youre so sexy aha

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I came across this game completely by accident, tried it out, and was genuinely moved by the true ending. This game is fantastic if you're looking for a quick, but meaningful and humorous, and of course psychologically unsettling endeavour. I have to say the soundtrack is highly addictive too (Ive had Take A Deep Breath on loop for about an hour now)!

Fantastic work, Dev and Co., looking forward to more works just like this one in future!! Currently playing Vincent: Secret of Myers, in love with the aesthetics and the characters in both games. Kudos to everyone who worked on these works of art!! 5 stars!


are william and kreuger dating ???
or vincent and kreuger at leas tahbhfebrhsbfhlkfe

Question what does William look like? Does he even have a design?

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Thank you for making a good game, and I have some trouble in playing this game.  When Dr. suggest solving math problem, as card appearing and the game stops.  To give a full explanation,  the game screen stops and BGM repeats same sound, and soon the exe doesn't respond. I tried to redownload this game few times, but it didn't work. How can I solve this problem? :'(

Hey there! I'm assuming you mean you can't click on any of the cards? If this is the case, try running the game as an administrator. Let me know if this works.

It's the same problem, i try it but it doesn't work

I can't find the save and load option .-. help -.-


You will only be able to load starting from the second playthrough.

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