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Has work been feeling more tiring than usual? 

Your mood, confusing and uneasy? 

Losing the confidence to speak up when you want to? 

Then it sounds like you need our newly patented 



The genius of Dr. Krueger shines again with his newest revolutionary breakthrough therapeutic sessions. Allow Krueger’s new treatment to tackle the toughest cases of mental disorder (peer-review pending) and fears in our ever changing day to day world. The genius lies not only within Krueger's stunning techniques as a therapist, but also with what he calls “Dream Therapy”, combining breakthrough neuron technology with his closely held therapy principals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your therapy today!

Every new subscribed member gets their very own Krueger Medical Card!


Some positive reviews we've recieved from our past patients:


"Before I felt like I had nothing in life I really cared for, Dr. Krueger’s Dream Therapy completely changed my outlook! Thanks so much Krueger Corp!"


"All my life I had felt like I wasn’t really special, but thanks to Dr. Krueger’s Dream Therapy I now feel like a completely different person! I finally landed my dream job!!! Thanks so much Dr. Krueger!"


"My wife and I had been fighting for 20 years and nothing seemed like it was going to work… But three sessions later and we’ve already celebrated our 20th anniversary again!!"


"This man is an absolute psychopath. Anyone with a bit of common sense can see through his lies."


As required by G2 law we must inform that this therapy may contain aspects that certain patients may find uncomfortable:

  • Jumpscares
  • Loud noises
  • Disturbing and flashing images
  • Implied violence
  • Cartoon gore



  • dino999z

Other contributors:

  • Harmless (music)
  • Michael Brazeau (ad narration)


  • Gambas (Spanish)
  • SHADE TV - 공포게임 쉐이드TV & Bridget - 정연 (Korean)
  • 林尧 & 丞珞 (Chinese)
  • obatatsu (Japanese)
  • he2wobuun (Russian)
  • Maïlys, Ella & Aymeric (French)
  • Phymos - Yumeshi Novel (Turkish)
  • Rance Guertena (Portuguese)
  • Domtastick & Keyli Yuy (Italian)


Available Languages: English/中文/español/한국어/日本語/pусский/türkçe/français/português/italiano

Wondering how to achieve all 3 endings? Click here for walkthroughs.

For the very first time, I will be accepting donations on itch.io! If you enjoy my games and would like to support me as a game dev, you can now do so! Your contribution will aid me greatly by helping me cover some of the expenses in making Vincent. 

Donating 3 dollars or more will reward you with the original soundtracks from both Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger and Vincent: The Secret of Myers. If you'd like to read more about what you'll be getting, please see here. Thank you so much for your support!


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Game Jam Build-pc.zip 83 MB
Game Jam Build-mac.zip 67 MB
VTSOM + TWDAK Original Soundtracks 79 MB
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thx for a free therapy with a hot therapist. 10/10

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I just finished all the endings and dang, that last ending was really heartwarming even though that one part scared the crap out of me. Everything about this game was nice. The colors, the art, the plot, (perfect for theory making.) the characters, everything. The game wasn't too hard on the eyes, it was actually quite pleasant. Though.. I think the last ending was hinting on another game the creator made? But like, whoever is reading the comments, I recommend this game. It's definitely a 10/10 on my book.
I hope whoever reads this comment has a nice day or night! Hope your dreams don't eat you!~


My favorite part was the dancing skeletons. 10/10 would recommend.

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I had a lot of fun, the dialogues were funny and creepy too, I was laughing my ass off every time something happened, and Albert Krueger was like "what? I didn't hear anything, I didn't see anything." I enjoyed it a lot ( the art and SFX... really cool :D)


it closed the game so i thought it put a legit txt file on my desktop lolol


randomly stumbled upon this while looking for another game and i'm honestly quite glad that i did! short but sweet, so you should definitely give it a try.


AHHHHH I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH!!! I had been pushing back playing, but finally played with a freind for three hours to get all the ends. Perfect pacing, fun minigames, and repeating it doesn't feel boring due to being aable to try new things and get new dialouge. It seemed so pycologically horrific at first but the good end was surprisingly heart felt, great game ^-^

(Plus soooo satisfing to be able to piss him off)

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u hate somebody because of a *NON OFFENSIVE* game? grow up ur literally pathetic. ur a clown


It's a shame that an ending is locked behind a nearly-impossible cup game. The last switch is literally a gamble. I don't want to spend my whole day grinding that one part just to get another ending, that's just unfair and I hate you for it. Otherwise, decent game.


i'm so glad i came across this game, i enjoyed playing every second of it!

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how do you download this on chromebook? :)


Excelente juego; hace muchísimo tiempo que una VN no me atrapaba de esta manera, el Dr Albert Krueger es un personaje del que te enamoras en cuestión de 5 min, este juego es simplemente una obra maestra 10/10.

Dino, podrías considerar llevar tus juegos a consolas, serían tan aclamados como Undertale o DDLC.


Got the bad ending on the first run through, I was getting slightly startled at the jumpscares and "ink blots", but the rest I was fine with. (Don't ask) 9/10


this game made me really gay bro


omg i love this comment he do be fine tho




This game was very fun. The unique endings were very fun to try and reach and after about an hour of gameplay I managed to get them all. My favourite is definitely the final ending, it gives a nice bit of closure and ties up a bit of a confusing detail about the whole dream therapy thing.

The art in this game is also absolutely superb, there's a lot of scares and the sudden cuts and clips all really add to the element of horror whilst maintaining a very good and almost innocent appearance. 

The puzzles are also great fun aswell, especially the shell game which definitely took me some time before I was able to beat it given how fast it moves at the end. Learning more about albert and all of the happenings in dream therapy was amazing and the little bits of lore you can pick up about the place just add to the overall experience.

This game is definitely top tier and I'd say it's definitely gotta be at least 9/10. The only things I'd say could have been done to make it more enjoyable would be more endings, secret endings if you will and interactables that you click whilst on a break or when albert leaves the room to unlock hidden lore on your character, albert and the institution.

Great game!


this game is very good


This game is amazing! It had me on the edge of my seat throughout. The art and use of colours is fantastic.


Really cool, but is anyone else experiencing optimization issues? Sometimes it runs really badly on my system, despite not being a particularly demanding game.


Amazing game ! I loved the music and sounds, the art is just amazing and the story and characters are super captivating ! Totally recomend :)


De la forma más respetuosa en la que puedo decir esto digo.. QUE ASCO DE TRADUCCION! (Quien demonios hizo la traducción?) No puedo creer que sea la oficial:"( estaba tan ansiosa de jugar pero al ver el lenguaje inclusivo me hizo sentir muy incomoda y me distraigo mucho me parece muy mal ya qué en si la traducción CORRECTA sería ellos al menos debería haber una opción para que pudieras elegir entre el ellos o elle estoy segura que el único idioma qué tiene este problema es el español una pena tenia muchas ganas de jugar 


??? taylor es no binarie, en inglés es they/them porque NO hay otra forma de decirlo, en español decimos elle, para que no sea en plural. ¿qué tontería es esa de querer opciones para sus PRONOMBRES? dino hizo a su personaje así y ya. si tanto te incomoda la traducción juégalo en inglés ._. y si tanto te incomoda la inclusión vete de aquí smh 


Claramente en la ficha del personaje dice they/them al empezar el juego te deja bien en claro que es no binario/e y al lo que me refería era qué te dieran la opción de elegir entre el lenguaje inclusivo y el plural qué mayor mente se maneja para la traducción de algunas palabras no todos usamos el lenguaje inclusivo y ya esta no hay que buscarle 5 patas al gato es tan solo una critica y bueno disculpa si te molesto pero al igual qué esa es tu opinion esta es la mía 


Stfu transphobe

(1 edit) (+2)

Para quejarse hay que saber, y claramente no sabes como funciona "they/them" en inglés, el cual en el contexto de una persona no binaria o alguien a quien no se le quiere especificar el género es un neutral singular, esto se usa desde hace siglos en el inglés. Es un error de traducción fatal poner "ellos" porque no es un plural. Te dejo a Cambridge y Merriam-Webster como mis respaldos, pero si gustas, busca tú y te va a aparecer en todos lados que se usa como singular neutral. En el caso de traducción de este pronombre al español, hay un problema ya que no existe uno que verdaderamente funcione de esta manera sin crear confusión, entonces una opción completamente viable es "elle", te guste o no te guste. De hecho, si fuera mi traducción hubiera usado esta misma solución, y lo digo como estudiante de traducción. Así que, básicamente, llora pues.


Es cierto que la traducción es muy mala a veces, por ejemplo "Dream Therapy" se traduce literal como "Terapia de Sueño", cuando debieron haber pueso "De Ensueño" o "Soñada". Pero They/Them es el equivalente al uso de la E o la X como pronombres en Español ;)

pero no es un error de traducción ¿? they está usado como pronombre neutro singular en el juego, y eso en español es elle. También me incomoda el concepto general de lo que es la identidad de género y todo eso porque siento que solo crea más estereotipos, pero fuera de las opiniones que puedas tener al respecto, no te abstengas de jugarlo solo por eso !! el juego no gira en torno a la identidad de Taylor, a parte es un muy buen juego como para no jugarlo solo por una e lol

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This was such a good game!


Why is he just so- 😖💘


The characters were so cool


Absolutely loved this game, everything from the art to the writing was really unique, excited to play Secret of Myers since I didn't realise this was technically a spin-off
Amazing work, I included this in a video on Itch games <3


free therapy. thanx


the first game of dino that i ever played.truly amazing, scary and a little bit funny! you'll love the characters (taylor and albert are really interesting) and the aesthetic. the session is amazing and has the unsettling feeling that something is wrong. i love it!  


didnt know how i was going to be able to write a review of this but the person below said it perfectly. literally just play it you will not be the same person afterwards (and will probably also question your sexuality)


Played this, now I'm obsessed. How is he so... Dammit. Already wrote a fanfic, made drawings. My relatives are sick of me talking about it


this is the coolest visual novel i've ever played, might be the next ddlc


Hi! I played this after The Secret of Myers and really enjoyed it! :D I love your style so much. Thank you for sharing.


I passed the game completely and did not regret it, because this is an amazing game. Kruger may be a psychopath, but he's a good person anyway. Yes, and a good artist :)


10/10 game. It was super fun with good scares, fun music and likeable characters!


I just finished getting all the endings, and all I have to say is wow! Such a great game, even if it was quite short! I love how the dialogue changes a little with every replay, and I love the artstyle as well. 


For one, beautiful art. Second, compelling dialouge. Third, horrifyingly terrific sound design. This game has every elements required to be hung up on my wall! 

I've made a video on it as well, hope you enjoy! 


This is possibly my favourite game on itch and if you yes you reading this have not yet completed all three endings then I highly suggest you do and dino999Z you have truly mad a masterpiece of a game thank you so much for posting this I enjoyed every second of it. Keep up the good work :}

es el primer juego que me instalo en mi computador, y nunca mas voy a olvidar lo genial que es :D

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Wow. This game is truly a masterpiece. I really really enjoyed it, from the music, to the witty dialogue, to the jumpscares. I'm on my way to play all of your other games haha. 

If you want, I played it for my channel, feel free to check it out!

It was enjoyable and Kruegar was soooo cute!! Love Dr. Albert Krueger's magenta vest. I'm wondering whether you were motivated by Dr. Hannibal Lecter...?

Played through all 3 endings and enjoyed it all. Definitely would recommend it's an interesting game

This game is so fun and pleasant to play, like a breeze, the graphics and music also feel very good. Strongly reocmmend.

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