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Has work been feeling more tiring than usual? 

Your mood, confusing and uneasy? 

Losing the confidence to speak up when you want to? 

Then it sounds like you need our newly patented 



The genius of Dr. Krueger shines again with his newest revolutionary breakthrough therapeutic sessions. Allow Krueger’s new treatment to tackle the toughest cases of mental disorder (peer-review pending) and fears in our ever changing day to day world. The genius lies not only within Krueger's stunning techniques as a therapist, but also with what he calls “Dream Therapy”, combining breakthrough neuron technology with his closely held therapy principals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your therapy today!

Every new subscribed member gets their very own Krueger Medical Card!


Some positive reviews we've recieved from our past patients:


"Before I felt like I had nothing in life I really cared for, Dr. Krueger’s Dream Therapy completely changed my outlook! Thanks so much Krueger Corp!"


"All my life I had felt like I wasn’t really special, but thanks to Dr. Krueger’s Dream Therapy I now feel like a completely different person! I finally landed my dream job!!! Thanks so much Dr. Krueger!"


"My wife and I had been fighting for 20 years and nothing seemed like it was going to work… But three sessions later and we’ve already celebrated our 20th anniversary again!!"


"This man is an absolute psychopath. Anyone with a bit of common sense can see through his lies."


As required by G2 law we must inform that this therapy may contain aspects that certain patients may find uncomfortable:

  • Jumpscares
  • Loud noises
  • Disturbing and flashing images
  • Implied violence
  • Cartoon gore



  • dino999z

Other contributors:

  • Harmless (music)
  • Michael Brazeau (ad narration)


  • Gambas (Spanish)
  • SHADE TV - 공포게임 쉐이드TV & Bridget - 정연 (Korean)
  • 林尧 & 丞珞 (Chinese)
  • obatatsu (Japanese)
  • he2wobuun (Russian)
  • Maïlys, Ella & Aymeric (French)
  • Phymos - Yumeshi Novel (Turkish)
  • Rance Guertena (Portuguese)
  • Domtastick & Keyli Yuy (Italian)


Available Languages: English/中文/español/한국어/日本語/pусский/türkçe/français/português/italiano

Wondering how to achieve all 3 endings? Click here for walkthroughs.

For the very first time, I will be accepting donations on itch.io! If you enjoy my games and would like to support me as a game dev, you can now do so! Your contribution will aid me greatly by helping me cover some of the expenses in making Vincent. 

Donating 3 dollars or more will reward you with the original soundtracks from both Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger and Vincent: The Secret of Myers. If you'd like to read more about what you'll be getting, please see here. Thank you so much for your support!


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Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger-1.2.1-pc.zip 86 MB
Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger-1.2.1-mac.zip 71 MB
Game Jam Build-pc.zip 83 MB
Game Jam Build-mac.zip 67 MB
VTSOM + TWDAK Original Soundtracks 79 MB
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Awesome game!! Really cool how it tries to play with your mind with the subtle differences &  progressive revelations :O I like how the kooky music, static, jump scares & videos add to the creepiness. Also, love the multiple endings, how they build on one another, how Dr Krueger's backstory is woven in & how the true ending is unexpected & yet... not very unexpected after all if you read between the lines. Thank you to the developer for making this :) Totally enjoyed playing haha~

That was both wacky and fun! I loved how weird the doctor was. I really enjoyed the 8-bit style a lot. I'd like to know more about his story!


this was a super fun game! the small differences in each replay really added to the experience :)


Such a good game, wow. Scared me and my sister out of our minds.Simply amazing

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I love this game ! But I can't figure out how to get the second ending, lol. I keep getting both bad endings. I saw the guide but Iʻm trying to reach it without caving into looking at it first lol

Ive been in love with this game for the past year and omg- i just played it again...so good


This was extremely well done. Fantastic game!

Loved the game though


I love this game so much! It has that touch of love and you can just feel how much work was put into it. I really love the characters and concept. thank you so much for the fun game. <3


hot therapist. 10/10

I played this a year ago(or so) in my now broken laptop. Back then i didnt have an acc to comment, but found a video of manlybadasshero playing this and remembered how giddy and happy i was playing this game. Definitely enjoyable, a bit of a jumpscare but that what makes it fun. Love the art and writing

It was awesome!! The art- the gameplay- all was just, perfect. 

Such an awesome game!! the art and imagery were both so pretty and absolutely horrifying, and I loved it! the color scheme definitely pulled it all together, and the jump scares genuinely got me. The self-awareness the game had was also perfect, and the pixel horror aspect is just something that was executed so well. a lovely game, so much fun to play!!

absolutely loved playing it !

the graphics and use of colours were beautifully done which kept my attention where it should be.

the storyline itself was quite intriguing.

my favourite part had to be the changing dialougues- i really enjoy getting all the available endings to a game, and the constant little changes made me not want to skip to the choices and actually pay attention to the story itself.

will definetly play the other games and i cant wait to see any future projects from you !

I had funing playing this game, the test were I get to identify what I'm looking at was hard for my small brain but I did have fun playing it

this game was really pretty and the creepiness of the later scenes got to me;;
i have so many questions??? and i want to know more about dr. krueger??!!!
the pixel art is sososo good!!!!!
definetly will be checking out other games by dino999z!! :)

this game was vv interesting to play! loved the visuals and the art style and everything aesthetic wise. will defo try out the other games, i am very intrigued by the characters already! 

also the cups game was so difficult for me to 100%, i had to reload so many times to get it right when i was doing the 2nd ending lmao. BUT I GOT IT SOMEHOW

the jumpscares terrified me and the videos were borderline psycho 10/10 would love to see more of this verse


After playing this game, I couldn't help but play other dino999z games!I really liked them and I honestly sugesy it if you like visual novels and points and clicks. It scared me a lot asweel! I'm waitintg for the next new things from dino999z!


This was a really well-made and enjoyable game to play! I loved the different endings and the chaning dialogue. Thank you so much for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube channel. If you'd like to check it out then click here!

Oh my god I love this game so much thank you

Took my breath multiple times and the good ending made me sad, which i appreciate. Amazing job, love it when people make magic with ren'py. <3

Awesome !!!

cool and fun game like to see more like this


hes so hot

no exaggeration this fantastic visual novel! I really enjoyed the game, thank you for it!



this is so good holy sh**



plot was better than most new movies 9/10

Bro, this game was very well-made.


All I really have to say is, this game was really cool! It was beautifully put together what with the art and the dialogue, really everything about it was amazing!

really enjoyed the game alot, I always enjoy games that have a nice story and is challenging to figure out. Getting all the endings is totally worth it and the ju.pscares really got me good

played your game, and I must say some of the small details you add that I overlooked during the first playthrough is quite amazing. keep it up

Awesome game. The dialogue is on point and fun to read. Awesome visuals and music. Really inspiring.

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太喜欢G2组了...他们的相处方式好可爱 希望有更多的泰勒!uwu


this game gives of Doki Doki vibes and love it keep up the good work


I love this game
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