Hey there, Taylor here. 

Having trouble getting to the good ending? 

Don't worry, I'm here to help. 

In this log, I will be explaining how to reach all endings. But before that - If you haven't completed the game, I strongly recommend you play through the game at least once before coming here. If you have - that's great! Then we're good to move on.

Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger (1.2.1) 

has 3 endings in total: 

2 bad ends, and 1 good end.

If this is your very first time playing the game, then it is likely that you got the first bad end 【ending 1/3】. This is the most common ending, but if you want to reach endings 2 & 3, then the way you answer Albert's questions has to be very specific. To achieve the best experience, I recommend you reach ending 1 first, then ending 2, and finally ending 3.


To reach this ending, you have to answer all the questions right, and be as obedient as possible. That means you have to score 100% right in the Math/Cups & Balls section, never open your eyes in Gateway to Your Heart, and never flip any of the inkblots in the Rorschach test (yes, that's an option, if you haven't realized). And don't worry, starting from the second playthrough, Albert will offer you the option to reload the section before each section ends, so you don't need to play through the whole game again if you mess up.


To reach this ending, you have to do the exact opposite - be as rebellious as possible, and get all the answers wrong. That means you have to get everything wrong in the Math/Cups & Balls section, open your eyes every chance you get in Gateway to Your Heart, and flip the last inkblot he shows you during the Rorschach test (it is okay that you flip other inkblots as well - but make sure you do flip the last one!). The game will force quit once, but that's normal. Just launch the game again, and you will be able to reach the good ending.

That's pretty much it! 

If you like this game, consider checking out other games of developer dino999z's, and maybe follow them on other platforms. Or maybe give this game a good rating and recommend it to your friends, I'm sure it will help them out a lot. Thanks again for giving this game a try and good luck!



Get Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger

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the dancing skeletons made up for all of the trauma I've acquired from this game!!

Jokes aside, the art, the characters, the music, the everything, so good. Vincent is very dreamy. That's all, loved it :D


that was such a fun game, the third ending made me feel so happy :) dancing skeletons were beautiful

Man I don't know what I see in those images but I do know one thing is that I see two bears high-fiving in one of them. Do recommend playing


zoop zap i cant choose the cards my laptop is like 15 yo so thats maybe that :3

То самое чувство. когда не можешь понять где правильный ответ. А ты знаешь,что когда тебе нужен неправильный ответ, то выбираешь правильный:

оййй ну блять :_0


I love games that remember previous playthroughs! I really wanna know how that is done! Awesome game, loved the aesthetic. really enjoyed getting all the endings! Great job! Hope you make more! ^^

This game is great! I love it, very creative. I love all the endings too, i would love to see more of these types of games

thanks for the guide! the ball cup was infuriating but i got my back once i could finally rebel and get everything wrong



the game is pretty good, I was scared at the start and was crying my heart out at the end. I definitely recommend it if u love horror games, u love a good plot and an excellent story!


I love this game so much! Well developed, the characters are very well written. Definetely recommended for those who love pixelated and these kinds of aesthetic games. Hope to play more like this! I enjoyed it.


I love this game. I may be not a fan of jump scares (and this one is *chef's kiss*) and stuff, but the ending is satisfying. Definitely going to recommend this to ther people who are very eager to complete different endings


Fun game! A continuation would be cool. Cup game was hell.


the game was beautiful but i really wanted an after story where we click on start instead of restart and we meet the doctor and form a bond with him but that's just one of my fantasies when it comes to games that i enjoyed :(


I loved this game!! It was really fun getting all the endings :) the overall vibe of the game is immaculate, the art is awesome, the music is fun to listen to and catchy - I'm definitely playing more of your games because this one was delightful! Thanks for making it! 


Very cool game. I really like that Krueger became friends with Taylor and even called his old friend Vincent.


Really great game. I love the way it toys with the player, as well as characters and world they live in. It's pretty scary as well, I will keep a lot of scenes in mind during my next theraphy session

Loved the game! It was a trip and I loved all three endings a ton. I'm not very good with words but I hope you keep making games like these, this slapped!


i really got attached to this game in a very short time. i rly hope you'll make amazing games in the near future, too. with or without krueger. :)

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