Minor Update & Localization Announcement (1.2.1)

Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger has been updated to version 1.2.1! This update includes some minor changes and translation fixes.

In addition, huge thanks to everyone who has reached out to me expressing interest in translating TWDAK into new languages! Nonetheless, the localization process of the current release began last year, and I am currently no longer looking for new translators (at least for the time being). However, if you wish to translate TWDAK into a language not provided by making a fan-translated version using the game jam build, you are free to do so. You can also let me know and I could include a link to your build on my page (For example: Portuguese translation by Rance Guertena). Please keep in mind that for now, this only applies to Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger and not my other games.

And if you have noticed any errors in any of the translations, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment. Any information would help greatly. Thank you all again for your kindness and support! (And remember, if you're interested in knowing what other districts are like, consider giving my other game Vincent: The Secret of Myers a try, a game that takes place in G4 district. )


Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger-1.2.1-pc.zip 86 MB
Apr 06, 2021
Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger-1.2.1-mac.zip 71 MB
Apr 06, 2021

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Will there ever be vincent the secret of myers fan translations?


Thank you for asking! For the time being, I'd like to focus on finishing the game first. Though it might not seem like it, localizations require a huge amount of effort on my end as well. I am making exceptions for certain languages due to high demand, but I'd like to handle localizations after the game is completed.

Oh, that's fine, I get what you mean!