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The downloadable file contains the original soundtracks composed and used in Vincent: The Secret of Myers & Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger. The original music in Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger are composed by Harmless. The original music in Vincent: The Secret of Myers are composed by dino999z, Ankari, Harmless, Michael Brazeau & Kay Du.

Track List (30 total):

Soundtracks in "Vincent: The Secret of Myers"

  1. Main Title (Unused) by dino999z (01:05)
  2. Lab Investigation by dino999z (00:32)
  3. Cyborg Vincent (Phase 0) by dino999z (00:48)
  4. Cyborg Vincent (Phase 1) by dino999z (01:03)
  5. Cyborg Vincent (Phase 2) by dino999z (01:52)
  6. Cyborg Vincent (Phase 3)/The End by dino999z (02:45)
  7. In The Dark (Remastered 2021) by Ankari (03:45)
  8. Bizet's Habanera (Remastered 2021) by Ankari (01:30)
  9. Absentia (Flute Version Remastered 2021) by Ankari (02:34)
  10. Absentia (No Flute Version Remastered 2021) by Ankari (02:34)
  11. Tasteless by Harmless (02:07)
  12. Tasteless (Piano Version) by Harmless (02:03)
  13. Soft Spoken by Harmless (01:26)
  14. Pep & Jive by Harmless (01:30)
  15. Memory by Michael Brazeau (Remastered by Ankari) (03:20)
  16. Foreboding Moment by Michael Brazeau (01:55)
  17. Vincent Theme by dino999z (00:23)
  18. M Office by dino999z (00:31)
  19. Mansion by dino999z (00:48)
  20. Dino Theme by dino999z (00:23)
  21. The Truth by dino999z (00:09)
  22. Forest by Kay Du (01:00)
  23. Imminent by Kay Du (01:07)
  24. Tension by Michael Brazeau (00:21)
  25. Lost In the Sewer by Michael Brazeau (04:19)
  26. Darkness by Michael Brazeau (00:39)

Soundtracks in "Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger"

  1. Take A Deep Breath (Therapy Version) by Harmless (00:48)
  2. Take A Deep Breath (Piano Version) by Harmless (01:00)
  3. Take A Deep Breath (Ending Version) by Harmless (01:02)
  4. Skip A Beat by Harmless (00:57)

Why are some of the music from Vincent: The Secret of Myers not included?

This is because Vincent: The Secret of Myers contains a combination of online resources (free & paid) and original music. If you don't see the music in the above list, that means the music was not composed originally for the game but downloaded/purchased online.

Can I have a preview of the soundtracks before downloading?

Yes. A preview of all the music included in the file can be seen here on Bandcamp. You can also purchase the album directly on Bandcamp if you prefer that way.

Can I download individual tracks instead of the full album?

Yes. You can purchase and download the tracks individually here on Bandcamp.

Are the downloadable OST files on the game pages the same as the one listed here?

Yes. You may have noticed that the OST files are also made available to download on the game pages. The one on Vincent: The Secret of Myers page, the one on Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger page, the one on Bandcamp and the one listed here are all the same. If you have purchased any of them, there is no reason to purchase them again here.

I am having issues extracting the file. What should I do?

If you are having issues extracting the file, feel free to leave a comment here. If you are downloading from Bandcamp and are having issues, please read here

Support the composers:

dino999z's games: https://dino999z.itch.io/

Ankari's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ankariisme

Ankari's portfolio: http://portfolio.ankari.me/

Harmless's Twitter: https://twitter.com/harmlessgamedev

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