Indefinite Hiatus

Hi all, as indicated in the title of this blog, I have decided to place the development of VTSOM on an indefinite hiatus. As disappointing as this news may sound, I would like to first take a moment to gladly announce that I am now a graduate researcher with Computer Science as my research focus. Not only will I be dedicating myself full-time to my research interests, I will also be assigned teaching assistant positions to help guide current & incoming undergraduate students in my areas of knowledge. Needless to say, this is a dream come true and I want to thank my friends and loved ones for supporting me in my academic pursuit. 

However, this change, along with a combination of other factors, has led me to make the decision to take a longer break from game dev. As much as I enjoy game dev, it is extremely time-consuming and does not offer me basic financial support. And though I have met many wonderful people from game dev, constantly dealing with asset piracies, online demands, and the not-so-pretty side of the fandom is getting quite stressful, and sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this role is truly for me. Furthermore, the online expectation that expects me to be constantly working on games has led me to question if it has consumed too much of my life, even though I have so many other skills, and there are so many other things that I want to learn.

That being said, this was an extremely fun and fruitful experience, and as the creator myself, I do not wish to leave Chapter 4 as the official ending of this game. I hope to return in the future to continue my development of this game, but right now is not the best time for me. I want to thank everyone in advance for your understanding, and needless to say, I cannot thank all of you enough for your love and support along this journey. I don’t think I would have even made it to Chapter 4 if it wasn’t for your support, and I wish to clarify that I never intended to give up game dev. However, I hope you understand that I need to make the best decisions for myself and my future.

Before my departure, I would like to showcase some sneak peeks of the progress I made on VTSOM over the past few months. I had a great time working on this game, and I hope that I can come back to pick up exactly where I left off. I also want to send my best wishes to whoever is reading this at this moment; I hope that we both can figure out what we wanna do, who we wanna become, and most importantly, what makes us happy and realize our dreams together. I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 



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congratulations on your achievement! I and many others adore your games and hope that whatever you choose to do in the future (whether it involves game dev or not) will continue to make you happy. best wishes and hope to hear from you again someday


Hello! I'm not sure if you are still reading comments on this post, but I just wanted to say that I've been lurking around your games for a while and finally decided to try one, starting with Therapy w Dr. Albert Krueger. I just finished it and will say that I am thoroughly impressed. I'm looking forward to jumping into TSoM, even in its incomplete state.

Anyway, I just wanted to say--even if you don't ever come back to game dev or even come back to finish this game--that's absolutely fine. It sounds like you are looking forward to how you can apply your talents in CS while helping others as a TA. Whatever stage you're at right now, I hope you're still enjoying it--because it sounds like you've got a lot to offer no matter where are. Much love, and thank you for sharing what you already have in this community!


the vincent brainrot is too real i miss you.. keep on trucking!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!


It's very important that you haven't forget to take care of yourself and your dreams! I hope you'll enjoy the break as much as we enjoyed your games! <3


We're proud of you! We wish you all the best :)


IM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR YOUR ACADEMICS!!!!!! Great accomplishment!! I want to say that it saddens me that your passion for both computer science AND Game dev didnt get a chance to blossom at the same time, but i would rather you be happy and confident in your pursuits than feel regret. 

I love your games and I see how much heart you put into them, if in the future you have the time and desire to keep creating your games I want to be here to support you !! 

Your life is yours, and I hope your passion is put to use in your life. Im sure when you have the time and the energy to continue Vincent, you will. For now I want to let you know that your efforts to make a good game was worth the stress. I LOVED your games. and i love seeing how your brain worked. from the games themselves. Only someone like you could make games as great as these because theyre from your heart. 

Sending you love and care!!


hello. As a Korean who played this game, I would like to borrow a translator to convey my feelings. My dream was to be a cartoonist, and one day I was about to give up on my dream because of a slump. But playing your game made me dream of becoming a cartoonist again. Thanks to you, I am able to regain my dream that I almost gave up on. I want to say thank you.


Hey! It's a anniversary year of the hiatus , i hope you are nice and i just want to wish you are having a nice day

All the fans are waiting pacefully ,everytime are more! This game is one of my favorites in this time and I really thanks to this masterpiece


I have tried all of your three games till now and I just wanna let you know that you've done a brilliant job with all of your works. VTSOM in particular is a type of game which caught my attention real hard and now I swear I can call this my favourite game.

From the plot to the character designs to the character personalities, everything is just wonderful. 

As much as I want to get the ending of this game, I also want to see you in a position where you'd not only be achieving the end of this game but will also be well settled and satisfied with your life.

In the end all I want to tell is that try your level best, achieve all your dreams and then continue if you want to, we fans will always be waiting.

Good luck Dino ^-^


안녕하세요 제작자님! 일상을 살다가 오랜만에 생각나 사이트를 방문했는데 무기한 연기라는 소식에 너무나 슬프지만 제작자님을 응원합니다!! 

게임을 플레이하는 동안 너무나 재밌었고 행복했습니다 ㅠㅠ 

멋있는 일러스트와 추리 요소 가득한 스토리, 매력적인 캐릭터들... 완벽한 게임이었습니다 ㅠㅠㅠ

행복하세요!!! dino999z.님♥♥♥


I made an account on this website just so I could say what a joy this has been to play, and I absolutely loved Therapy with Albert Krueger as well. Congratulations to the developer for the career success!! I don't expect this game will be updated for a long time to come, but I will include my thoughts on the game here, and hopefully it can inspire you someday :)

(some spoilers)

What sets this game apart is its style, which includes not only the visuals and exciting soundtrack, but also the fluid writing which kept me hooked on this game from the first few minutes. Many story-driven games feel slow-paced because they focus too much on details that aren't relevant, or over-explain the connections that the player is supposed to make. This game is distinctly different because it expects you to engage with the story *yourself*, which is exactly the point of making a visual novel rather than just a regular novel. 

There's a very clever part during Draco's introduction, where it is clearly laid out that you will die if you don't answer his questions correctly, but the answers are facts which have not been explicitly stated. Are there real consequences for failure? No, you can just load your save from literal seconds ago. However, it made me feel like I really had autonomy, which is so special for a game. After that scene, I found myself pouring over every little detail and theorizing about my findings. By comparison, when I get confused in other visual novel games, I usually just flick through the dialogue and wait for the game to explain itself to me. 

Technically, this game does show you the answers right away (both by flashing 'correct' and showing you the relevant information it provided), but it STILL made me feel like I absolutely needed to figure things out myself, which is exactly how the main character feels.

This is really just a small example of what I loved about the game, which is how it made me feel like a part of the world, and I felt like all of the information being given to me was critically important. There are still some drawbacks - there really aren't a lot of choices, a lot of time is spent in flashbacks, and many of the areas you explore in-game look pretty similar. I also felt powerless sometimes when the main character was acting in a way I didn't want, and even though this was most likely intentional on the dev's part, it still did take me out of the experience a bit.

The example with Draco's questions is just a microcosm of what I loved about the game, which is that I felt like I was not just reading the story, but actively involved. The game didn't feel like it was holding my hand, the puzzles were difficult but very intuitive, and I completely forgot the rest of the world existed because I was so intent on analyzing every scrap of text to figure out the mysteries. It reminds me of Your Turn To Die (another visual novel game in progress) because it uses unconventional methods to get the player emotionally invested, and it felt so fresh.

I also can't leave my thoughts on this game without mentioning the most obvious strength, which is the characterization. They are SO good, the writing is so fun, and you can't help but like all the characters even though you're still figuring out whether or not you can trust them.

Good luck, dev <3





recentlyplayed therapy with dr albert krueger and went to see what other games you've made. amazing job both on the games you've made and on the job you've recieved, i wish you all the best as i run through the backlog of your games



always loved your work!! congratulations and all the best


I was so hyped to see this story become complete, but I can understand that life has other plans for you. Good luck out there, bud.


Congratulations! I'm so happy you found a field you're passionate about. Best of luck with all your endeavors.




Congratulations! I have been a big fan of your work since 2020,  and I'm happy to see you focusing on the things you want. Good luck in your new endeavors!

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