2022 Development Plan


  • I will resume my development of VTSOM.
  • I will begin my development of Chapter 5. However, I will also be revamping Chapters 1-4 because I am unhappy with the current implementation. I am also migrating the game to a newer version of the engine. I envision that the revamping itself will take several months, and the development of the new chapter will take more than a year.
  • I plan to try out working in private and will be prioritizing my life outside of game dev in 2022. Nonetheless, I will still provide updates and try my best to keep everyone in the loop.
  • In the future, I want to work on games at a pace that does not adversely affect my life outside it. I shot myself in the foot by cranking out Chapter 3 at such a fast speed that players began to underestimate the workload and believe that 8 months for Chapter 4 is unreasonable. The truth is, I gave up a lot of things to pump out Chapter 4 as fast as possible. I don’t blame anyone but myself, but it is time I make clear that this expectation is unrealistic.
  • I am opening a Ko-fi page to further support my development: https://ko-fi.com/dino999z 

Hello everyone, happy holidays! Before my new announcements, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported me by donating or purchasing the VTSOM Art Pack and OSTs. I would also like to thank everyone who has been extremely understanding and helped me take down unauthorized reuploads of my art and games. Coming back to what I want to talk about today, I am very happy to announce that I will be resuming my development of “Vincent: The Secret of Myers.”

Currently, I am in the pre-development stage trying to figure out what I’d like to do in Chapter 5. I am also revamping Chapters 1-4 and migrating them to a newer version of the engine, which is a process that I have already begun. I plan to revisit every single chapter released so far and address everything I don’t like about them, which will involve heavy code restructure, feature addition, art polish, and more. This is an intense process and will take several months; I will be constantly breaking the game and fixing it while simultaneously making it better. I am aware that players are probably only interested in the upcoming Chapters 5-6 rather than an improved version of Chapters 1-4, but I am very unhappy with how a lot of the things are executed in the current chapters. I focused too much on pumping out new content under stress that I rushed through a lot of the implementations, only thinking about getting things to work rather than how. This is something I would like to do for myself, and although it doesn’t really matter to others since it is mostly about how things work “underneath,” I believe it will strongly benefit the future development, and more importantly, I don’t want to make the same mistake of releasing a rushed game when I clearly know I could do better. In short, I believe it is time to go back to focusing on what I really want to do for the game, rather than constantly worrying about not releasing the game “fast enough.” 

Additionally, I would also like to try out working in private. There will still be updates and I will try my best to keep everyone in the loop, but I won’t be providing updates as frequently. The main reason behind this decision is that I have a full life outside of game dev, yet I have wrongly prioritized game dev over things that were clearly more important to me in the past. I love game dev and don’t exactly regret doing that, but prioritizing it over everything else is not the wisest thing for me to keep doing, especially when I am having a difficult time even recovering the development cost of Chapters 1-4. I want to break the vicious cycle of constantly pushing myself to release the chapters as fast as possible, as it had not only adversely affected my life outside it, but had also led to unrealistic expectations coming from players expecting me to release new chapters in a shorter and shorter amount of time. I hope you understand where I am coming from and why I am making this decision, and I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Lastly, I hope I don’t come across as being a little upset in this announcement. I am in fact very excited to get back to the development of VTSOM (I also had a lot of fun making art for the art pack!). Ideally, I want to mix things up a little by switching back and forth from working on Chapter 5 and revamping Chapters 1-4, but it is highly likely that I will work on revamping first, since future chapters will depend on the implementations in previous chapters. If I have time, I also want to work on more art for the VTSOM art pack. Depending on how things work out, I may either release the revamped Chapters 1-4 first, or both the revamped version and Chapter 5 together as a single update. Admittingly, the amount of time I have for game dev depends strongly on my life outside it, and I have been a lot busier than before. Despite that, I still plan to work on it daily. I envision that the revamping itself will take several months, and the development of the new chapter will take longer than a year. If you would like to aid me with my development, you can buy me a cup of coffee on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/dino999z . Alternatively, you can also support me by purchasing the VTSOM Art Pack and Soundtracks. Thank you again for your support, and I look forward to bringing you more VTSOM content in 2022!

- Dino

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I just finished the game and I wish I knew about it earlier. It was a great experience. Would definitely recommend it! I'm really excited for the revamped chapters as well as chapter 5, also take your time!


I started playing back when chapter 4 just came out, I thought it was excellent, and I still think so, and while I am indeed very interested in the following chapters, the revamped versions of chapters 1-4 interest me just as much. Take your time with revamping and also making chapter 5, it takes time, and everyone should understand that. Wish you the best of luck!


dear dev, you are doing great, do please take your time not only for this game, but also for yourself, and never forget this words Shigeru Miyamoto once said, ¨A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad¨ will be rooting for you! 


When it comes to games you love so much you are most willing to play from the start again, I will gladly play not only the new chapters but also the revamped version of the previous chapters. Take your time with the progress and I'm rooting for you!!

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I've recently started playing this game and I've completed chapter 1-3 but I'm personally excited for the revamps bc I'd love to feel like I am "re-experiencing" the game but in an improved way (if that makes any sense). I hope you take care of yourself regardless and I am looking forward to your works!! 


i'll happily wait for the actualizations and the updates. take your time, rest and  remember that we'll always support you and be patient. i understand it's hard and the last thing i want is for you to be consumed by this. i love the games and the universe, so i'll be satisfied as long as i can play the current installments haha. 

thanks for your effort!!! 


i would be super excited to see revamped versions of chapters 1-4, i've replayed it more times than healthy at this point lol. quality over quantity always, and take care of yourself!


yay! im so exicted for where this game is headed! take your time and don't rush yourself a things take time and I'm sure everyone would love a chapter that you feel is your best, rather than a rushed one. i really love this game cant wait to see what the next chapters hold in store :) 


i'm so so glad you're back, Secret of myers is my current hyperfixation and I do not see it going away. Love it so much, be sure not to pressure yourself and thank you for creating such a gorgeous masterpiece. I also highly reccomend anyone here to buy the soundtracks or artpacks, they're beautiful and absolutely worth it. Xoxo <3


Take your time and don’t rush. I personally don’t mind waiting for the renewal chapters 1-4 and the new chapters for the great qualities! Remember to stay safe and take care of yourself! Thank you for making this game.


take the time you need, drink water, sleep and eat well, I will be looking forward to the renewal of chapters 1-4 and the new chapter, I love your work dino, I send you my best wishes! ~~


I'd be super happy with a revamped Ch 1-4! I've thoroughly enjoyed playing this beautiful game as it is, but I would love to see a version you've had the time and resources to be truly satisfied with. Thank you for making this awesome game!


Hmmm, I don't know how to explain. The first time I saw your game from youtube channel I immediately decided to buy it and play. i love your artwork Thank you for creating this game.


I'm sure amazing things are coming in 2022 for VTSOM and I am 5000% here for it no matter how long it takes! I am genuinely happy to wait longer if it means your life and health take precedence. I'm interested to see what a revamp will mean for previous chapters as well. That this game is only going to continue getting more and more amazing makes me super excited for the coming year and beyond!


Super excited for the new chapters as well as the revamp of the older ones! please take as long as you need on them as such good games are truly well worth the wait and more