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The following walkthrough also contains spoilers, so be sure to come here only if you’re having trouble progressing through the game.

【Chapter 4】

- Basement -

The chapter starts off with a flashback detailing how Vincent and Victor first met each other in college. This portion contains no point & click sections. After that, we go back to meeting Vincent in front of the crashed elevator as Vanora at the present time. Vincent tells us that the secret chamber of the G4 Cyborg Incident is hidden somewhere in the room. Our objective is to locate the secret chamber. 

Investigate the poster of Myer-chan on the wall; we are told that the poster is fixed to the wall with some kind of white glue. Use the scalpel on the poster. After Vanora tears off the poster, it is revealed that there is another poster hidden beneath the Myer-chan poster. Click on the poster again, and Vincent tells us that the hidden poster is an artwork named “The Destruction of Leviathan,” where “Leviathan” is the name of the sea serpent. He also mentions that “Leviathan” is the name of a famous book of political philosophy. Investigate the bookcase, and it is revealed that the bookcase contains mostly books on history and philosophy. Vanora finds the book titled “Leviathan” and opens it, and it turns out that the inside of the book is completely hollow. What she finds inside is a key. 

Click on the cupboard under the drawer on the left next to the poster; a white mug falls off and shatters on the floor. Click on the white mug. Vanora witnesses a flashback of a conversation between her and Monsieur M. After that, Vanora is left alone in Monsieur M’s office and is able to investigate the objects on his desk. Click on Monsieur M’s laptop, and close all the pictures that are left open on his screen. You will see a picture that has rectangles and numbers on it. After that, turn on the desk lamp and investigate the pink envelope. Inside the envelope is a piece of paper printed with similar rectangles, and the colors only show up when the desk lamp is on. By matching the colors of the rectangles with the numbers given to them on Monsieur M's laptop, we get the combination to the colorful keypad located in the basement:

1 - Red

2 - Purple

3 - Orange

4 - Orange

5 - Blue

6 - Purple

Enter the code in the order of “red - purple - orange - orange - blue - purple,” and the box that is embedded on the surface of the table will rise up. We see that there is a keyhole in the box. Use the key on the box. Vanora unlocks the box and finds a college photo of Vincent and Victor in it. On the bottom left says the date and location of the photo taken, which is “RMU 3/2/2077.” This matches the on-screen instruction of the computer located in the basement. Click on the computer and enter the missing characters “RU37”. The bookcase will then move to the side, revealing the entrance to the secret chamber.

- Room 1 -

After the secret chamber is unlocked, there will be a sequence of Vanora confronting Vincent in the chamber, more college flashbacks, and Vincent remembering how the Myers Corporation tortured him in the chamber. After that, Vincent starts to lose control. Sensing his murderous presence, Vanora takes the college photo out from the box and puts it in her pocket, then runs towards the next room. From here on, we need to solve a series of puzzles, answer questions, and play mini games to escape from Vincent.

In Room 1, we need to first restore power to the room by operating the two control panels connected to the break box. Click on the control panel with the plus sign. We need to add 9 numbers to 4 so the sum becomes 57. The four available numbers are 1, 5, 7 and 9. There are different possible solutions, and one of them is 4 + 5 * 7 + 9 * 2 = 57. In other words, you click 5 seven times, then click 9 two times.

After that, click on the control panel with the minus sign. This time, we need to subtract 9 numbers from 79 so the end result becomes 5. The four available numbers are 2, 3, 8 and 9. Again, there are different possible solutions. One of them is 79 - 9 * 8 - 2 = 5. In other words, you click 9 eight times, and then click 2 one time.

After the two control panels are operated, the eight touch monitors located next to the exit of the room will reactivate. What you need to do here is a simple matching game. Match the corresponding symbols on the screen, and the entrance to the next room will unlock.

However, before Vanora is able to escape from the room, Vincent breaks down the door and confronts her. When Vincent asks her if she thinks everything happening right now is part of their fate, answer “Your fate and actions are intertwined.” After that, tap the spacebar and hit the red target to escape from Vincent, and we successfully enter the second room.

- Room 2 -

Click on the yellow note on top of the breaker box. According to the note, the code for the input panel to the breaker box reflects the assessment scores of four members from the secret I.C.I.J organization, from highest to lowest. Click on the computer and we learn that the score for Chaser is 9, the score for Infiltrator is 7, the score for Janitor is 10, and the score for Inspector is 8. Therefore, the order of the combination is Janitor - Chaser - Inspector - Infiltrator. Now we just need to match each member to their corresponding symbol on the keypad.

Investigate each of the lockers in Room 2. The locker with bullets symbolizes Chaser, the locker with a flashlight symbolizes Inspector, the locker with uniforms symbolizes Infiltrator, and the locker with the water bucket symbolizes Janitor. Enter the four symbols in the correct order, and now we can interact with the box next to the room exit. Flip switch 1, 3, 4, and the entrance to the next room will unlock.

When this happens, the lights of the room will start flickering. Vincent enters his second stage, and asks us if we are prepared for our judgement. Answer “You will still be a monster,” and then tap the spacebar again to hit one of the two red targets. We now successfully enter Room 3.

- Room 3 -

When we enter Room 3, we notice that there are five numbers painted on the wall: 8, 17, 11, 3 and 5. Click the whiteboard located next to the breaker box. Add up the numbers in the two 3x3 squares, and we get that 3 is the first square on the first row, 8 is the second square on the second row, 5 is the third square on the second row, 17 is the first square on the third row, and 11 is the second square on the third row. Click on the input panel connected to the break box and highlight the 5 squares that represent those five numbers. This will activate the screen monitor next to the room exit.

Click the writing desk in the room; this shows us excerpts from Vincent’s diary. The diary hints that Vincent was working on something that required Victor’s memories (however, only the ones before a certain thing happened), and the person that carried his memories ended up having eyes that looked exactly like Victor’s. We now know that Draco is a cyborg that combines Vincent’s genes with young Victor’s memories. Click on the screen and choose the cigarette holder for the memory core (which represents Victor), Martini for the genes (which represents Vincent), and the suit with the bowtie for the end product (which represents Draco). The exit of the room will now unlock.

Vincent shows himself again, mocks Vanora and asks her if the only thing she can manage is running away. Answer “You can’t change what has already happened.” This marks the end of Cyborg Vincent’s chase sequence, and you can now enjoy the rest of the story leading to the end of the chapter.

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