Hey there, Taylor here. 

Having trouble getting to  the good ending? 

Don't worry, I'm here to help. 

In this log, I will be explaining how to get to all endings. But before that - If you haven't completed the game, I strongly recommend you play through the game at least once before coming here. If you have - that's great! Then we're good to move on.

Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger (1.1.0) 

has 3 endings in total: 

2 bad ends, and 1 good end.

If this is your very first time playing the game, then it is likely that you got the first bad end 【ending 1/3】. This is most common ending, but if you want to reaching endings 2 & 3, then the way you answer Albert's questions has to be very specific. To have the best experience, I recommend you reach ending 1 first, then ending 2, and finally ending 3.


To reach this ending, you have to answer all the questions right, and be as obedient as possible. That means you have to score 100% right in the Math/Cups & Balls section, never open your eyes in Gateway to Your Heart, and never flip any of the inkblots in the Rorschach test (yes, that's an option, if you haven't realized). And don't worry, starting from the second playthrough, Albert will offer you the option to reload the section before each section ends, so you don't need to play through the whole game again if you mess up.


To reach this ending, you have to do the exact opposite - you have to be as rebellious as possible, and get all the answers wrong. That means you have to get everything wrong in the Math/Cups & Balls section, open your eyes every chance you get in Gateway to Your Heart, and flip the last inkblot he shows you during the Rorschach test (it is okay that you flip other inkblots as well - but make sure you do flip the last one!). The game will force quit once, but that's normal. Just launch the game again, and you will be able to reach the good ending.

That's pretty much it! 

If you like this game, consider checking out other games of developer dino999z's, and maybe follow them on other platforms. Or maybe give this game a good rating and recommend it to your friends, I'm sure it will help them out a lot. Thanks again for giving this game a try and good luck!



Get Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger


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i really got attached to this game in a very short time. i rly hope you'll make amazing games in the near future, too. with or without krueger. :)

How do you get the harem end?

I personally loved the game! Even after reading the warnings I never thought it would have been THAT scary ahah. I especially loved the characters, they were all unique and interesting. I highly recommend it! It's a 9.5/10 for me! ^^

(just dont play it with the lights out..you dont want to do that believe me).


I loved the game and the Endings! I really loved the good wholesome ending! I can say i would give this a 9/10 the only reason why i made it 9 is only biased but I'd say 10/10 if i exclude my biased opinion tho! I'd recommend uwu


those skeletons do be boppin tho

wonderful game, honestly. jumped right out of my seat at *that* part and startled my sister and mother, who both thought I was working, and I had to come up with the excuse that I was scared by one of the exam questions. 10/10, would play again (but not in a dark room)


I really loved the game!! I downloaded it without knowing anything about what it was about and I really enjoyed it. I thought I'd get a note btw lol. Also the aesthetic was very pleasing, those are my favorite colors and it made me happy

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i seriously thought: "please, do NOT create a note on my desktop."


that scary thing aside, i really enjoyed the game, it was overall easy to complete all endings, since it was logical what you had to do, and it was quite interesting to see new dialogs appear after the second-third time playing it again. Really fun


I came across this game on YouTube and decided to give it a try, glad I did! Thank you devs <3

Didn't quit right away after getting all the endings haha, listening to the bgm right now ;)


This game reminds me 'doki doki literature club' I love your pixel art and story, and BGM. Thanks for good game


The concept is very interesting. I find it very original and creative. The art is simplistic yet attractive to the eye, the gameplay is fun and the story is somehow making me want to know more about this company. It was fun to discover everything that would happen "if". Overall, I enjoyed it very much.


Wonderful game, it took me a while but I got all the endings, LOVED IT♥


AH the good ending made me so happy. Thank you for making such a wonderful game. This is such an epic concept. THANK YOU!! :D


Pretty interesting game! It was very fun to play and I'm also thankfull that it wasn't very long. I managed to get all the different endings.

I actually looked on my desktop for the txt file XD, would have been pretty cool.

Still, this is an outstanding game, specially for having been developed in the short period of time a game jam usually lasts.

Great job!


interesting and fun concept! definitely something I'll think about during my actual therapy appointment this week lol. the colors, music, and pixelated graphics go nicely together and the endings were very unique!


How do you flip the inkblobs?

Also I wanna skip so bad cuz I keep accidentally getting one or two right with the cup game and I'm trynna get the good end

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You can flip the inkblots by clicking on the picture. The reason I don't include a skip function is because each time you play the game, the dialogue (and some other things) will actually change (You will notice that Taylor becomes aware that this is not their first time receiving the therapy). Starting from the second playthrough, Albert will offer you the feature to reload each section, so it will be relatively easier.


This was amazing game!

I played it today, and I will upload it to YouTube soon.

And if you don't mind, I'd like to translate this game into Korean.If I send you Korean text, I wonder if you can apply it to the game. I'm sure Koreans will love this game, too.

Please consider it.

Thank you for making a good game!


Hi there -

Thanks a lot for your kind offer and I'm very glad you enjoyed the game!

And yes - I'm very interested. Do you have a Twitter account by any chance so we can talk?


Oh good, I'm gonna send you a DM on Twitter.

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Dr. Krueger helped me get over my fear of ducks! Thanks, Dr. K!

(Great game, thanks!)


Thanks a lot for the 5-star rating! That means a lot to me and I'm very glad you enjoyed the game!