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This game was amazing, amazing art, story, charachters and puzzles

-spoilers for chapter 4-



yeah it was heartwrenching! But they'll be back! can't wait for morrrre


YESS i cant wait either, i hope we get more of Viktor :)))


VINCENTTTTT!!!!! just finish playing yesterday hehe made this today. tbh I was already crying during the mini games then got louder when she squashed him. I... just can't. I am thankful for the twist! 


i cant be the only one whos completely baffled to the fact that this is THE VICTOR from Therapy with Dr Albert ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!




Great game,but I can't i cant get past the door with the code in chapter two.I watched youtubers playing this,the code was 0420, and the door automatically opened, I tried this code but the door didn't opened.Can someone help me?

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same :I


how i went through it you just put in the code 0420 and you move the 4 into a 5 then it automatically opens  :)

hope it works




Code is actually 0430, not 0420.

It is misleading to watch YouTube playthroughs because the door unlocks the moment the code hits "0430," thus appearing to be 0420. However, this is something I will adjust visually in the revamped version to avoid further misunderstandings.

For future references, please see my official walkthroughs instead: Click Here

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thanks)It worked


I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH OMG AAAAA! Thank you so much for creating this! I am so invested in the plotline! Also... vincent x victor... ;)




Great game but i cant get past the door with the pin :( any advice?



hi!! if you're in need of a translator i'd be happy to translate the game to (european) portuguese


Oh sh!t-... The game is sooo good, I' need a spanish version :0


Came for the artwork, stayed for literally everything else. The plot is intricate and compelling and the writing is incredibly good. There were some profound emotional and philosophical moments that have really moved me and allowed me to connect with the characters. The puzzles were ridiculously fun and creative, and the soundtrack was so good at some points that i just couldn't focus on the game lol
Totally looking forward to the next chapters and perhaps other original creations!


please, i want a portuguese (brazil) version :( 

I REALLY want to play this game!!!!


Man, I can't wait for chapters 5 and 6! This game was just amazing! The characters were ridiculously entertaining, and the story was so complex and engaging. The artwork in this game was also incredibly vibrant and stylish. The ending to chapter 4 blew my mind, and I really, REALLY, want to know what happens next. Also, I enjoyed the references to "Therapy with Dr Albert Krueger". I really enjoyed that game.


this game is sooo well written i adore the plot and the characters and i cant wait for chapters 5 and 6!!!! the artstyle is amazing too


this game makes me cry every time I look at the ending part

still waiting for the next chap ^ - ^ I have re played this couple of times, it was good

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me too!! i love the game so much

sacaran pronto una versión en español?

I love this game so much!! Thank you for this masterpiece.

on the floor sobbing after chapter 4

yea! thankfully it is kinda implied nothing of that ever happened, i hope its true..


I literally just finished it and feel like I've been punched in the gut. I can't wait for the other route to become available.

me too!!!



I watched a youtuber play the first and second chapter of this as well as TWDAK and decided to play both myself a few months ago (even though I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to jumpscares). I had so much fun with it and only recently found out chapter 4 was out. I've played it and had a blast! That ending had me freaking out, but in a good way. I'm still reeling from it all and can't wait for chapters 5 and 6!

A game with an impressive visual style and great plot. Love it.

i think i first played this in september 2020 , i love this game i cant say how many times i've completed it, i actually think around 20 or 25 love it keep up the great work, cant wait for chapter 5 & 6!

Such a wonderful game, thank you so much for creating a wonderful experience for everyone, i can't wait for more!

This game is soo gud, thank you very much!


Absolutely love this game!

I adore the characters and their designs, they're all so gorgeous and don't get me started on how much I love the plot!

This game is so criminally underrated-

so im in the second chapter when you first enter myers and i input the code but was it 0420 or 0410 because it opened after one of those where inputted also how where you supposed t find the code i was just entering the dates on the calendar  

this game is so amazing :)

holy shit.... amazing.
I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR FINDING THIS GAME god i would donate.... but sadly i cant :(






!!spoilers chapter 4!!

THE RAGE I felt against Vanora when she killed Victor and Draco my god.

I'm so glad that didn't actually happen cause I would have been so sad djnwnj

ANYWAY TRHIS WAS SUCH A GREAT GAME, I can't wait for the next chapters!!!


BRO THE GAME WAS SOO GOOD I might have pissed myself several times with all the jumpscares but omg this might be one of the best Visual Novels that I've played 


Is anyone else having trouble downloading the game? I downloaded the zip folder, but when I try to open the application it says that something is missing.


ok but the characters are so freaking attractive


This game is magnifico that's all I have to say... DAMN so Fire!.. I love the plot and every interactions.. I'm booking it on my Bookmark hahahha and wait for the update!.. 


Had to  register to leave a comment. I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS GAME 

it's truly amazing, looking forward to the next charpters...


excuse my french but this game was fucking amazing. 


I had no idea what was in store for me playing this game. It delivered on the mystery/thriller area, but I did NOT expect to become so attached to these characters. Every single character is so incredibly charming and dino wrote them beautifully. I really sympathized with Zalmona and was really holding back tears reading her dialogue. The character introductions for each one was really the icing on top for me.
I hope you know just how much of a loving community you've created with your stories. I wish you the best with your creative projects.

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