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So much fun delving into the story-- great job with both characters. Super cool!


Early review, Dr.Albert Krueger kinda fine!

this game was super fun! its pretty short, but totally awesome


small tip, read the text carefully since it will help you unlock all endings


played this game on a whim with my friends tonight and we loved it!! the three of us had a total blast and love the characters a ton. were planning on playing your other games next time we call :D super cool stuff!!!

Very fun and interesting game. Very few critique, one being faster auto, if you can't let me skip at least help me not break my enter button. But all in all, fun little game.

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Not gonna lie I was a little lost but still it's a very interesting game.

can this game be played in idk know how its called but not full screen ??


Windowed mode can be achievable by pressing "prefs" during gameplay and selecting "Window".

ty !!

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I like how it doesn't let you skip and has new dialogue after the first playthrough because like most people I tried to skip the 2nd time, and it interested me a lot when it did not let me do the typical thing and also changed dialogue showing it remembered the previous playthrough.

I still have a bunch of questions, like how the bad endings could have happened if the whole therapy is some kind of brain, VR, or computer simulation (I assume), what exactly is going on in the bad ends in general, logically why would you be allowed to save and load in-universe (though I understand it made more sense to address it than just randomly have the convenience options pop up), and why would you be able to repeat the simulation after reaching a bad ending. However I understand the game was apparently started for a game jam and everything that was straightforward I understood. Also it acknowledges it as comedy which means not everything has to have a logical explanation behind it. There are also even more minor things I question like logically, why is winning at every round of cups and balls one of the conditions for becoming a dream eater. But I don't think everything has to be explained in a short story, plus a logical explanation for everything anyway is that it's a simulation made by Dr. Krueger so he can design it in any way he wants. (Like "Why did the background music suddenly change?" Well if he controls everything, maybe he just wants to let you know something is coming up, or perhaps it is similar to when the graphics appear glitched at certain points, it could be an accidental glitch, or it could be purposefully coded in the simulation programming)

the game was sooo cool!!!! OMG you should definetly give it a try :)

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Hello! I love this game a lot, but only by watching playthroughs. Does anyone know how to get the download to work on MacBook pro? I used the mac link but every time I try to open the game my computer responds with a message saying: 

"“Therapy_with_Dr_Albert_Krueger” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware."

Does anyone know how to fix this? I would love to be able to play the game but sadly I've tried both downloads and they just won't work. Great game from what I've seen on youtube though.

Edit: Found a tutorial on how to fix it! Left it in the replys

I'm having the same problems on my Mac and I don't know how to fix it either.

Found a tutorial on how to fix it! 

Awesome thanks!!!


this game is really wonderful and the fact that it's not that popular makes me sad(

P.S. Albert is awesome <3

hi, is it normal that the game crash when i try to play? i cant go through the first math test T_T

This was such an amazing experience and the third ending was so good!!! Thank you for this game <3
Honestly, it'd be very nice to see this psycho Albert in VTSOM once again somehow ^^

The game had a very nice, weird atmosphere.

The unpredictable development was interesting.

I like the world view very much.





This was an absolutely normal therapy session with nothing strange or spooky happening throughout the experience. At the Dr's permission, I've recorded my personal experience at the session to show how incredibly helpful the doctor has been during our therapy session.

In case anyone wanted to watch the True Ending of the visual novel instead, do watch it here: 

this was such a super cool game! scary but so interesting. the characters were so detailed too. if you wanna spend an hour trying to get all three endings of a scary (& wholesome) little story - this is your game. really awesome. 

and please support the devs if you can! beautiful work!!


Loved this game!!I love the art style and the plot

I absolutely loved playing this game! Good work!

What an absolutely amazing experience!!!

The game is immersive and draws you in enough to make you want to get all three endings!!

10/10 would recommend!

This was indeed a good therapy session. Nothing unusual happened, Krueger is a maniac great doctor. 10/10

This game was awesome! I played it three times and never got bored (although getting everything right on the cups game was HARD), I love how little things changed everytime, gave me Undertale vibes tbh. 10/10!

PS - My favorite part was the skeletons XD


The jumpscares were terrifying but I enjoyed this game.

Yea I just covered my eyes when I thought there was going to be one, luckily most of the time I couldn't clearly see what it was

Literally so good I wish I could buy it twice! I loved the characters and subtle dialogue changes between playthroughs. The character designs are so pleasing to look at too, they genuinely brought me out of my art block. Albert's little fangs are so kjkjdshksnkhadnk. I would loveeee to see him make an appearance in VTSOM!

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the game was rlly fun! (*>v<)ゞ*゜+


I loved this game! It was really well done and I loved the subtle changes in dialog the more you played! I was able to get all three endings on my own which is good, and uhm ik he's supposed to be the bad guy BUT my gaslighting CEO is kinda fine I will not lie...


Incredible game,along with amazing visuals.

Keep up the good work!


This game was great, and I really enjoyed the third ending, very nice and cute in a way :]

great game, short but sweet :)

Taylor so hot

Cool game, love the art style


Insane quality for a free game!



I did not know what to expect, at all, and going in spoiler free was exactly the weirdest experience ever. This game, is a little rollercoaster of emotions! And I still do not know how I feel about that..


After hearing about this game years ago and watching playthroughs I finally got to play it. Just finished it at 2:30 AM and now I'm probably gonna see Albert in my dreams. If that happens hopefully I can survive his therapy.

BTW really a masterpiece!! Love the endings and I'm definitely gonna recommend this to all my friends. Thanks for creating such great work!


Update: Unfortunately I did not see Albert in my dreams :/

hey!! this game is so so good, I was woundering coul i cosplay from it? 

Therapy really helped, feel as if I'm useful to the G2 District now! Great game, hope to see more like it!

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