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hotty hotta yummy yumma


If evil, why hot?? :')

Este juego fue tan divertido <3 

Hola amigos, yo quiero que me ayuden suscribiendose a mi canal, gracias:


I advise you to firstly play at Vincent:the secret of Myers before starting the last end, because when you know what kind of person Vincent is omg the third end will just make you feel in the confidence 

i forgot to notice too that this game is really cool to play 


This game is so lovely! I adore the unique character designs and their personalities. I love how snarky Taylor is, along with the non-binary representation, as I am non-binary myself. And I really love how Albert is just... Albert. On top of that, the story and art are just PHENOMENAL. I'm so excited to see more from you.

Does anyone know how to download it by using linux?

sorry i answer two months late, but you simply download the first link and you have to decompress the file .zip

THen, the only thing you have to do is click (or doble click) the file named "therapy_with" that have .sh in their Ext. DO NOT TRY to use the .exe or .py file.

I loved it :)


I will do anything for you to make a yandere otome game.

Disfrute bastante el juego, los finales fueron interesantes y sobre todo los puzzles. Pero los videos para distraernos son arte jaja. 

I like the game! Good Job and Game ^^.

I love this game! It was fantastic, I'd really love more games like this


i loved it can someone tell me more games like this?

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Please play this game. It's fantastic! 10/10 [also the therapist is sexy]


Let me date this man. I beg u.


same. let's all just marry him or something idk


plsssssssss this game is aMAAAAAAAAAAZING ASFF ugh i wish i didnt finish it so fast :((( nevertheless ion regret playing it one bit heuheuehueh

may I ask around how long a full playthrough might be?

about an hour or so :) 


ty for letting me know!


np! even if an hour might sound long, it definitely doesn't feel like a full 60mins, and it's worth the play, highly recommend it :D


I had a really great time playing this game. Once I saw the artstyle, it immediately ranked way high up in my to-play list and I just HAD to make a video on it. Here it is: 

how the heck do i open this game? i downloaded the files but now what?

youll have to open it up through your files :)

just... click the .exe (?)

that didn't do anything, but i just downloaded the itch program and that worked

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That was a great experience: Both in the artstyle and music aspect

  • Don't forget: Albert is only there only to help us!

awesome game! i'd highly recommend it if you want a good hour or so of well-drawn, interesting and creative gameplay. 


i ended up getting the bad ending for my first play, then the bad (true) ending and then the good (true) ending. i think this is probably the best way to experience the game and i hope other people got to enjoy it this was as well! i love the lore of the universe this game takes place in and the memory retention that taylor has in each reset of the game. really good overall :) 

|Hey, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?


Hi - Yes you may.

Thank you!

This game is absolutely amazing!

Amazing game, i love the graphics too. I simped for both of them too, i love the dynamic and the story.

good fuckn game loved the art and it kept me entertained for like an hour. 10/10

Loved it! Quite charming, although I do hate math it was very enjoyable! :)

I have high hopes for this game 

loved it

i had so much fun playing this game, the game is very entertaining and kept me occupied for about 2 hours trying to get all the endings. i am absolutely inlove with the art style and the whole aesthetic. the tapes and the skeletons were my favourite part lmao !!

Wonderful game! Made me jump a few times and the build up to the end was fantastic!

love the game so intresting and fun


idk how to get any other endings other than the bad ending lol but i really love this game and I've been staying up all night playing

to get the bad (true) ending you'd have to get every question right and be extremely obedient, do not question albert

I found that out by watching a video sadly but before I looked I tried a million times and i couldn't find out how to get it but thx anyways for telling me


AKUYSDCOUASKUDOWED This game is. Definitely a lil spooky. But it's really cool and well done!!

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one of my fave games now <//3 the true (good) ending just made me cry. great work on the game n the jumpscares n the music - everything really :D


I really loved playing this game.

Played this on call with some friends and we were all entertained for at least 2 hours trying to get all the endings

just finished a play through and this game is so fun! It kept me on the edge of my seat! I got a bad end but damn, it was still cool!



I am so sorry about I'm asking below things through a comment, but I could not find your mail address anywhere in this page.

Anyway, I just want to ask for permission whether if it is possible for me or someone to stream or upload a video whilst playing your game "Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger", online.

Also if it is possible, I would like to monetize and use superchat on stream and video. 

I am sorry for the sudden message, thanks for your time.

Hope to hear from you soon.

I loved this game. I scared my weak little heart into submission. Surprisingly wholesome ending. 

Я почти уверенна, что тут меня многие не поймут, но я хочу сказать, что: это действительно хорошая игра, и мне очень понравилось играть в это. Удачи разработчиков и переводчики!

honestly playing all the endings was so worth it,, everything about it was fantastic, from the art, bgm, to story, everything felt really well paced and entertaining :D definitely reccomend :>

I loved that so much!! The colours, music, the fear, everything was so cool! I'm definitely making some fanart of this. Thank you for making this game!

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